A view of Old Town from the Princes St. Gardens.

HOTEL INDIGO EDINBURGH In the center of Edinburgh, close to the castle that looms over the city, Hotel Indigo is found in five historic Georgian townhouses. With contemporary and chic interiors, the hotel is filled with historical Scottish finds.

THE RUTLAND HOTEL This luxurious boutique hotel in the city centre of Edinburgh is right between the bustling shopping area and the financial district. With incredible views of the castle, the Capital building is also right on the doorstep of the hotel. The hotel was once the home of Joseph Lister, a renowned surgeon in Edinburgh.

STAY CENTRAL HOTEL The hotel/ hostel distinguishes it’s rooms by size, S, M, L, XL, XXL. It’s just a short stroll from most popular spots in town (that’s one of the things we love about Edinburgh, it’s walkability).  This place also has a great emphasis on fitness, with running and cycle clubs on different days of the week. They have rainfall style showers, iPod docks, flat screen lcd televisions, and much more.



Larder Cafe in Old Town Edinburgh

THE WITCHERY BY THE CASTLE Right in front of the famous Edinburgh Castle, the restaurant has a secret garden. Only sticking to locally produced foods, the restaurant has an incredible list of farmers, fisherman, and cheese makers who they selectively buy from. There are also suites on site that fit the theme with dark and gothic, theatrical interiors.

THE DOME  The Dome is a perfect place for tea in Edinburgh during the day. It also has a great cocktail bar for the evening. During the holiday season, the building is ornately adorned with thousands of lights, making it the perfect backdrop for a scotch on the rocks (when in Scotland, right?). 

LARDER Stop by one of Larder’s establishments to eat a seasonal, locally sourced, delicious brunch in the heart of Edinburgh. From scrambled eggs with smoked salmon to Scottish cheeses and quiches, Larder’s Cafe is a precious place to spend your afternoon. The Bistro has locally brewed beers and a variety of vegetarian dishes.



A view from Calton Hill.

EDINBURGH CASTLE The castle rests high above the town, clinging to a steep cliff that is a part of the Old and New Towns of the World Heritage Site. Incredible and sprawling views can be seen from the Castle, the inside is a historical treat as well. Price: £16.50 per ticket.

CALTON HILL An easy hike from from the downtown area, Calton Hill would be the perfect spot (it faces west) for sunset. Also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hill serves as headquarters for the Scottish Government where the parliament building resides.

AUTHOR’S SEAT 822 feet above Edinburgh, the tallest peak of Edinburgh is is the perfect afternoon activity for active travelers. The hike (although not strenuous) takes a few hours, so make sure to allow enough time and check the weather beforehand!



We teamed up with Haggis Adventure Tours for an incredible weekend trip through the Scottish Highlands. We didn’t have any Nessie sightings, but we did see some of the most beautiful countryside in all of our travels! The Highlands are a must-see part of Scotland that you can visit in just one day or over a week. Check out our trip recap on our blog post!