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BAYERISCHER HOF This gorgeous hotel is right in the middle of the historical downtown area of Munich with stunning views from the rooftop garden (Dachgarten). The hotel opened in 1841 and has a cinema lounge for film screenings and private events. Not to mention the Blue Spa that has a gorgeous pool high above the roofs of Munich.

LOUIS HOTEL  Kräutlmarkt sits right in front which is where the hotel does all of its shopping for the finest local and home grown ingredients. The hotel is a stones throw away from the stunning City Hall and Marien Platz.

MEININGER MUNCHEN HOTEL Right next to Oktoberfest and across the street from the Augustiner Bräustuben, Munich’s oldest brewery. Fantastic modern hostel with all the amenities you could need. Great bar and lounge area to visit with fellow travelers. We stayed at the one in Vienna and loved it!


AUGUSTINER BRAUSTUBEN This 670 year old brewery is world famous for it’s Bavarian atmosphere and cold beer. Try the potato cakes with apple puree and the Gulasch Soup with your liter of Augustiner (Warning- Bavarian beer is stronger than most)!

MR. PANCAKE  Bavarian, French, Russian, you name it! Tons of different kinds of giant pancakes to feed the hungry travelers soul. These pancakes are just for breakfast either, if you’re like me you crave breakfast food all the time and Mr. Pancake has you covered.

HOFBRÄUHAUS  Visit one of the most famous beer houses in the world, complete with cold steins and large community picnic tables. Definitely try the radler, which is beer/lemonade, or order a more traditional brown ale that has been brewed here since 1589! Great atmosphere with traditional music for you to enjoy your pretzels, bier, sauerkraut, and of course bratwurst.



MARIEN PLATZ Center of Munich with gorgeous old Bavarian architecture and churches lurking over the cobblestone streets. The city hall is fascinating, grab a beer at a cafe in the square and take it all in. People gather to watch the bell tower ring where puppets come out and put on a little show! The area has ample amounts of shopping as well.

ST. PETERS CHURCH  For 2 euros you can go to the top of the church and have panoramic views of Munich, and if the day is clear you will see the start of the Bavarian Alps!

ENGLISH GARDEN  Munich’s version of Central Park is not to be missed. Make sure to bring your swimsuit if it is still warm outside! This is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. You can rent a boat and paddle around or just hang at the beer garden.



Take a gorgeous 2 hour train ride through the Alps to the tiny village of Füssen. Fairy-tale castles, pastel colored houses and dramatic mountains await you in this charming Bavarian oasis. Read more about our trip to Füssen here!