10 Days Around the Iceland Ring Road

We set out on a 10 day adventure around the Iceland Ring Road trying to fit in as many volcanos, glaciers, waterfalls, Northern Lights, Icelandic horses, and elf turf houses as we could. We got stuck in blizzards, drove through foggy white outs and torrential rain... I even got electrocuted by a fence at a … Continue reading 10 Days Around the Iceland Ring Road

5 Reasons to head to the German Baltic Sea

Insel Rügen: The gorgeous Island of Rügen is the largest island in Germany with stunning white cliffs along light blue water. The pier of Sellen is Iconic and jets out into the sea, twinkling into the night. We hiked around the Jasmund National Park, which is a thick and vast forest.  Popular food on the Island that … Continue reading 5 Reasons to head to the German Baltic Sea

3 Countries in 3 Days: A Balkan Adventure

Yes, the title is as exhausting as it sounds...but so worth it! We teamed up with Hostel World for an incredible 3 days exploring this gorgeous region. Let's just say that if we had to list our top travel resources on one hand, Hostel World would definitely be one of them! Whether you're with a group of … Continue reading 3 Countries in 3 Days: A Balkan Adventure

Sailing Croatia with MedSailors

Last week we had the wonderful experience of sailing around the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia with MedSailors. 8 girls, one boat, one amazing skipper and 7 days of crystal-clear waters and sunshine... hellooo perfect summer adventure! We left the port in Split Saturday afternoon to embark on this epic experience. Almost instantly, we became best friends with everyone on board … Continue reading Sailing Croatia with MedSailors

48 Hours in the United Arab Emirates

This past Spring I was on my way back to Berlin from New Delhi, where I had traveled to photograph a wedding. I noticed that pretty much every flight home involved an inconveniently long layover in Abu Dhabi. So, I decided to make it a little side trip and stayed there for 2 nights. Since … Continue reading 48 Hours in the United Arab Emirates

From the French Riviera to Provence : 7 Towns You Shouldn’t Miss

France is a treasure trove full of beautiful destinations. The French Riviera is unmatched in beauty by any region with gorgeous seaside promenades, pristine cobblestone old towns, giant yachts, delicious cuisine, all sitting right in front of the Provence Alps. We began our journey in Nice and fit in as many towns along the Mediterranean … Continue reading From the French Riviera to Provence : 7 Towns You Shouldn’t Miss

Summer Road Trip: Black Forest to Alsace

We set off early Thursday morning from Berlin to drive down to the Black Forest Region of Germany - clear across the country. 23 hours of driving, 2,000 kilometers and 8 towns later, we can say with certainty that the region is absolutely breathtaking. Our Route using Roadtrippers: Rothenburg ob der Tauber Located in Northern Bavaria, the … Continue reading Summer Road Trip: Black Forest to Alsace

Greek Island Hopping

On our most recent adventure, we teamed up with Busabout tours to see all the best that Greece has to offer. After our epic trips with Busabout's partner companies in Scotland and Ireland, we knew from the start we were in good hands. Traveling can be incredibly difficult when it comes to logistics, especially in a place like Greece (full of tiny … Continue reading Greek Island Hopping

Across Norway in 6 Days

Norway is one of the most naturally beautiful countries I’ve visited. From giant fjords to snow-capped mountains to aqua beaches, there is a feast of options to satisfy even the most storied traveler. I (Meredith) recently spent 6 days touring the country with my sister and I believe we saw a great overview of all … Continue reading Across Norway in 6 Days

A Compilation of Short Travel Stories

  Jack Balthazar: @burgmaorbust jblewi.wordpress.com  Wednesday the 28th April 2016, myself and another cycle tourist called Daniel from Poland rolled up to the gates of a Buddhist monastery somewhere between Bagan and Mandalay in Myanmar. Covered in sweat, sun cream and dust from a long, hot and dry day in the saddle we sought the … Continue reading A Compilation of Short Travel Stories