3 Days in Barcelona

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We took the red-eye (complete with a 3:45am wake-up call) to Barcelona from Berlin. We may have been questioning our own sanity at the time of booking this flight, BUT, in retrospect it was quite nice to have already arrived in our destination before 9am!

We arrived at our hotel, the Ca la Maria, with sleepy eyes, only to be welcomed with a wonderful breakfast with homemade yogurt and jams. Located in the sophisticated neighbourhood of Eixample, the Ca la Maria is a welcome escape from the bustle of the many touristy hotspots in the city. This boutique bed & breakfast is housed in a 1920’s building and is also known as the Art Gallery Microhotel, due to the impressive amount of compelling artwork adorning the walls. The original tile floors and ornate ceilings leave a taste of the rich history while the bathrooms are modern and luxurious. We truly struggled to get out and sight see in the mornings because we never wanted to leave our gorgeous suite! Each morning, we enjoyed the delicious breakfast with local produce and family recipes on the sunny terrace in the courtyard. The Ca la Maria team was so welcoming, gracious and helpful to us during our stay, it really felt as though we were staying in a friend’s beautiful Barcelona home. Take a look at some of our photos from the hotel:



Barcelona was a pleasant surprise. We were shocked at how impeccability clean the streets were, how manageable the crowds were and (of course) the fascinating Gaudí architecture. Our first stop was the Basilica of the Sagrada Família, which is as mind-blowing on the outside as it is on the inside. We recommend getting there in the afternoon to catch the sun rays shining through the stained glass windows. You’ve got to purchase a ticket with a time slot beforehand, its easiest to do so online. Don’t miss Gaudí’s other stunning creations – La Casa Batlló and La Pedrera! You can be sure to hit them all when following the Modernisme Route

You can’t come to Barcelona without being prepared to share some delicious tapas. We ate more Jamón Íberico and Patatas Bravas in 3 days than any human physically should, but everything was just too good to resist! Read more about where to eat in our city guide.

We wandered around the Gothic Quarter, getting lost in the winding streets filled with trendy bars and art galleries. We drank sangria and ate tapas along La Barceloneta, the beach that divides the city and the turquoise sea. Grab some rollerblades or a bike to enjoy the promenade if the water is too cold for a swim. Park Güell has unarguably the best views of the city with Gaudí’s iconic monuments in the forefront of the sprawling cityscape. We also visited the famous La Boqueria market and sipped cocktails on one of the many stunning terraces the city has to offer (more info on the best views in our city guide). Barcelona, we will be back!