A Day Trip From Prague: Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is easily over looked by many people while traveling throughout Europe. Nestled quaintly in the Czech Countryside, this tiny village is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Unlike Dresden, Cesky Krumlov is one of the only places in the region that wasn’t destroyed in WWII, leaving the charming architecture  impeccably preserved. The Vltava River that winds around the village used to be a natural transportation path for imports and exports by water.

We took a day trip from Prague to explore Cesky Krumlov. Our Student Agency Bus (not restricted to only students) was only 7 Euros each way! The buses are air conditioned, have touch screens on the back of each chair (complete with several solid movie choices, in English), wifi that is accessible if you’re in Czech Republic, and reclining leather seats. Once we arrived to the village we ventured through winding cobblestone roads to the main square for breakfast. We couldn’t believe that our giant plate of eggs, veggies, toast, and croissants with cappuccinos and orange juice were only 4 Euros. We wandered all through CK with no agenda and probably saw everything in only several hours, leaving the rest of the afternoon to lounge around the river, watching people white water raft, and drink at a quaint riverside cafe. 5 hours is more than enough time here but considering the bus is 3 hours each way, spending more time might be more worth the travel time. Cesky Krumlov is known for being the rafting center of the region. Signing up for a white water rafting trip while it’s still warm would be a blast – the rapids didn’t seem too dangerous. For those of you who are adventurous and also love a good beer, you can get a group together for a river pub crawl!   At lunch we cheered on a group of guys having a few issues with paddling in the same direction, sending them in a slow spin down the river past us- without any other gear than beer and paddles (they were not concerned). The Cesky Krumlov castle is free to explore and only a several minute hike from the main square. It has spectacular panoramic views of the river, town, and mountains behind. You can also grab a beer for a whopping  80 cents! Don’t pass up this fascinating and whimsical Czech village – it would be the perfect pit stop on your way from Prague to Vienna, Salzburg, or Munich.