New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment

40 hours on the road, small town motels, forever changing landscapes and terrain- The Land of Enchantment was pure magic. We packed up the car and hit the road with 3 photographers in attempt to capture the enchanting land of New Mexico. Our first stop was Taos where we wandered around the ancient pueblos. The smell of piñon wood filled the air as the steady beat of a distant drum echoed between the alleys the adobe compound. From Taos we drove southwest where we hiked up a muddy mountain to the Spence Hot Springs. It was 40 degrees out (bizarre for it being May) but the water was warm and the views were phenomenal. The region has tons of hot springs but many were closed until June 1st. We drove through the winding mountains and made it to Santa Fe by nightfall. Saturday morning we were shocked to find a blizzard dumping snow outside of our motel room. Being the Texas girls that we are, we were thrilled to see real snow, running outside in our pajamas to take photos. We explored the quaint streets of Santa Fe, sifting through tribal print textiles and turquoise jewelry. Chili peppers and animal skulls hung from the porches, while art galleries and cafes lined the roads to duck into when avoiding the cold. The sun finally peaked through the clouds and warmed the town when we set off to Ghost Ranch for the sunset. Sunday morning we made our way to the Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks to hike to the vast canyons- It truly looked like a painting. On our way to the White Sand Dunes National Monument we stopped at the cutest farm and vineyard in the middle of Albuquerque and then ended at the most magical white desert I’ve ever seen. It is other worldly. The dunes are miles and miles of pure white sand, untouched my trash- rippled by the wind. We stayed there for the sunset and came back as early as we could the next morning to continue shooting. Every hill and backdrop changes with the colors of the mountains in the distance. It was the perfect place to end the trip before heading home to the great state of Texas.